At Patron Insight we value two things – really smart people and really having fun. Meet some nice folks who take their work seriously but never take themselves too seriously.


Ken DeSieghardt CEO, partner, author and self-appointed worrywart. Ken will sweat every detail of every project until it is absolutely perfect. And he will unearth every possible research clue to provide clients with an insane amount of critical information about their patrons. His forward-thinking ability and deep understanding of communications is invaluable to the organizations he serves. Ken is a self-proclaimed author having completed his first published book, School Communication that Works.

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Rick Nobles President, partner, professor and much loved grandpa. Rick is our resident creative guy who tends to pop up at different points in most projects, usually adding just the right amount of perspective and flair. He has a strong background in client services, having spent many years working in the advertising agency world as an owner of his own firm or serving in leadership roles at well-established agencies. Rick was an adjunct college professor for nine years teaching aspiring professionals on the subjects of marketing, advertising and relationship management.

Contact: [email protected] / (913) 484-0920
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Dr. Dennis Fisher Partner, technology guru and avid golfer who sits on a bank board. Another guy who wears a lot of hats, Dennis brings his expertise from having served as a school superintendent for many years to our school services leadership program, Project Lighthouse.

Contact: [email protected]  /  (816) 392-7387
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Elaine Warren Senior Associate, project manager, bleeding-heart for helping others. Elaine knows how to listen, how to understand, how to roll up her sleeves and get to work to achieve client goals and expectations. She is a natural communicator able to collaborate with people at all levels of an organization. Elaine’s background is working in higher education, having managed a marketing and public relations department for a satellite campus of a major public research and teaching institution. She is a believer in giving back to the community and serves on civic and community boards and committees.

Contact:  [email protected] /  (816) 699-4921
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Susan Nenonen Associate, journalist, die-hard Jayhawk fan. Susan does a bit of this and a bit of that – writer, proofreader, production manager. Her number one love is editing. Susan will find every last typo to ensure copy is ready for print. Her past experiences working for a newspaper, a local municipality and a federal agency make her invaluable to the Patron Insight team. Susan’s passion for the written word is only rivaled by the love for her family and all things crimson and blue – third generation KU grad on both sides!

Contact:  [email protected] / (913) 481-7080
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