Before you can identify a solution, you must fully understand the problem.

To do so requires a no-holds-barred approach to collecting data that shows you the forest…and the trees. Our data gathering methodology depends on your specific strategic need:


We’ve built our repetition for quality data through our statistically reliable quantitative research – typically via telephone surveys of landlines and cell phone numbers. We reach the zealots, the “average Joes” and the more dispassionate in your community in appropriate quantities, giving you a true picture of citizen opinion. You’ll know what they think on (and well below) the surface.


Sometimes, there’s no substitute for hearing the “voice of the stakeholder.” From traditional focus groups, to leadership interviews, to ongoing citizen panels, to Human-Centered Design, our qualitative methods of data collection offer a chance to probe opinions in-depth, in a controlled environment.


Methods such as online surveys have their limitations on a broad scale – because they tend to attract mostly the passionate – but they are ideal when the audience is “captive” and when its members have a compelling reason to participate in research. Staff members, school district parents, donors and audiences that are easily defined and that can be encouraged to participate are ideal candidates for this approach.