Strategic Plan Updating

Organizing your process for maximum engagement, leading to a solid plan

Whether the strategic plan in question is one mandated by your state – and therefore has a lot of rules associated with it – or one you have determined you need to guide your steps as a school district, let Patron Insight help make the process less painful and more productive.

Our level of involvement is customized for your needs and for the skill sets you may already have on board. In other words, there’s no reason for us to take on a task if you have the talent to get it done already.

Following the idea of having “Good,” “Better” and “Best” options, our general level of involvement for each is as follows:

At the “Good,” level, we’ll help you organize your planning teams, review your current Strategic Plan (or similar document that needs to be updated), create agendas for your team meetings, review output from those meetings, and draft an updated plan for your review at the end of the process.

The “Better” level includes everything at the “Good” level, plus assisting with facilitation at your team meetings, and preparing media content the district can use to build awareness in the community about what the district is doing and why.

At the “Best” level, a school district receives everything presented above for the “Good” and “Better” levels, plus leading (or co-leading, with a committee head) each meeting, and finalizing an updated plan, no matter how many drafts are necessary.

Even with these stated levels, a hybrid approach to Patron Insight’s involvement is always welcome, too. Please tell us how we can help you clear this important hurdle and we’ll create just the level of involvement you need from us.