Stakeholder Engagement

Building bridges that lead to advocacy

If your school district is fairly typical, only about one-third of the households within your boundaries have a current district student living there. For that one-third, you have their rapt attention on all things related to schools. For the other two-thirds? Well, you know that story all too well.

You try doing Town Halls and you end up eating most of the snacks. You try focus groups and people commit, but when the night arrives, they just can’t get themselves back out of the house again. And on and on it goes.

Patron Insight’s Stakeholder Engagement Process begins with an analysis of your current standing with all key stakeholders, using our I.D.E.A. Evaluation ™ tool.

I stands for Investment, as in, how invested are stakeholders in your district? What measurable ways are they demonstrating that investment? (Measurability is essential. School districts can’t build stakeholder engagement with just a “gut feeling” on how things stand today.)

D is for Data. What empirical data exists that demonstrates more than just a passing interest in the district?

E is for Engagement. What active and passive forms of engagement are currently being demonstrated by stakeholders?

A is for Advocacy. Are stakeholders speaking up about the district to those whose opinions they can influence? How are they doing so?

With a completed I.D.E.A. analysis, Patron Insight works with the district to identify strategies and tactics that will enhance the areas of engagement that are strong, and shore up those where it’s clear that help is needed.

The final result is a Stakeholder Engagement plan with tactics, timelines and effective means of measurement so that the district can move forward more effectively to build and nurture the relationships that matter most.