Our Services

servicesOur services have different functions, but one goal: to help you be better at whatever you do. Here are some of the ways we help our clients.

Pre-Election Survey

We’ve helped our clients raise more than $7.1 billion in new taxes by starting with pre-election or post-loss telephone surveys that identify exactly what patrons want, what they don’t want and what they are willing to pay. Hire us to conduct a tax election survey and you’ll have the data to put your organization in a position for ballot box success.

Election Campaign

Winning campaigns take the information learned in the survey process and translate it into messaging that resonates with the right people at the right time with the right ideas. We can assist in develop a campaign that is simple, repeatable and conveys the information and benefits your patrons want to hear.

Parents of Alumni Program

After the students in the senior class graduate from your district are you still talking to the parents of those alumni? If not, you should. Parents of alumni represent one of the greatest untapped resources for a school district. Let us help you cultivate ongoing relationships with parents through our Parents of Alumni Program. Read the program outline to learn more about the initiatives included in the program.

Annual Planning Survey

When was the last time your organization or school district asked for the opinions of your patrons? Most stakeholders hope the institutions that are important to them maintain frequent dialogue – that having some level of ongoing engagement and communication is as meaningful to your organization/district as it is to patrons. An annual planning survey is a constant stream of patron input that is invaluable in helping your organization or district represent the interest of the 80 percent of patrons you never see and will never meet.

Student Exit Survey

Nobody knows the inner workings of your school district better than your students. They are living your vision every day. It’s a shame to never ask them what they think. Student exit surveys give you an invaluable tool for insight you won’t get anywhere else.

Post-loss Survey

You worked hard for weeks educating your patrons on your ballot issue. Election Day arrives with anticipation of the tax initiative passing. It does not. Somehow the voters didn’t connect with whatever you placed before them at the ballot. Your next step; work with us to conduct research with voters to find out what didn’t click.

Climate Studies

Sometimes the most important audience is the one you hear the least from—your staff and other internal stakeholders. We can conduct confidential third-party research that gives you insight into what’s really going on inside your buildings or organization.

Communications Audit

It’s not enough to know what you’re saying; you have to know what people are hearing. And, sometimes the communication gap between those two things is alarming. Real communication starts with listening. Let us take a deep dive into your communications to identify key themes to improve your communication effectiveness.

Citizens Advisory Committees

Nothing is more ubiquitous or more powerful than word-of-mouth communications. In fact, it’s the number one source of information your patrons rely on. We can offer the structure and guidance to harness that power to inform all your efforts by helping you create an effective citizen advisory committee.

State of the District Survey

Perception is reality. Are the perceptions of your internal and external stakeholders–students, staff, parents and community–what you want or hope them to be? Is it consistent across multiple groups? Do you even know? Our State of the District Survey will help you get your arms around the various perceptions people have about your district. This can provide a one-time snap shot of the district’s “brand” by listening to the voice of the customer and serve as a benchmark for district communications and relationship building activities.

State of the Library Survey

When was the last time you took the pulse of library stakeholders? Do you know what your staff, patrons and the general community are thinking right now – about the library? The State of the Library Survey is the perfect way to take their pulse and benchmark current external and internal perceptions. Four surveys are created – one each for staff, frequent library users, infrequent library users and the public. The information in this one-time snap shot can serve as a guide for communications and relationship building activities.

Strategic Planning

The most important part of any strategic plan is “buy in.” If your patrons don’t get onboard, the best plan in the world is destined to fail. Our process insures all stakeholders have a voice in the planning process and are kept informed throughout the implementation. We can help you chart the best course for your organization’s success.

Community Engagement

From focus groups to online surveys to key opinion leader interviews, we can help you engage with your constituents through one or more of these methods. The end result  being you will hear the “voice of your customer.”