Your challenges deserve solutions that are a perfect fit.
We’re ready to tailor one just for you.


Stakeholder research

Election-Planning Research

Learn what voters think about your current performance, your ideas for a ballot issue, their tax tolerance and where they get their information through our customized pre-election research.

Post-Loss Evaluation

After a defeat at the ballot box, Patron Insight will perform the “autopsy,” so that you can move forward with your next steps. >>>

Climate and Culture Studies

Whether with the community-at-large, or specific stakeholders like parents, teachers, staff and students (as young as 3rd grade), we’ll tell you what important audiences are thinking right now. >>>

Strategic planning

Strategic Plan Updating

From “look over your shoulder” consultation all the way up to full management of the process, we provide the unbiased, third-party advice to help make your final plan a challenging, actionable document.

Ongoing Input from Stakeholders

Our Online Citizens Advisory Committee (OCAC) ™ moves you away from the archaic Town Hall meetings that no one attends into a simple, quarterly process of gathering input.


Brand Evaluation

A brand is the thoughts, ideas, images and feelings that come to mind when your school district is mentioned. Our Brand Analysis can pinpoint where you are – so you can plan how to get to where you want to be.

Communications Audit

Every once in a while, it’s wise to have a second set of eyes review your district’s outbound communications. We identify where you might not be connecting with stakeholders as well as you think, and recommend strategies to close those gaps. >>>

Stakeholder Engagement

Whether you just want to build a stronger connection or you have a specific challenge (such as boundary changes) that need constructive community input, let us assemble the right strategies for your specific needs.

Campaign Assistance

Patron Insight can help your informational and promotional ballot issue committees in a variety of ways – from getting organized, to writing messages, to designing ads.