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Books and Articles

School Communication That Works – An expanded version of Think Like a Patron, with new chapters including “Handling hot topics” and “What your patrons say they want and need in a crisis.”
“My View” column of patron communication, September 2013 issue of School Administrator magazine

Buyer Guides

A Buyer’s Guide to Research

White Papers

Lessons from districts that overcame election night disappointment
Redefining the word “Patron”
Successful school districts nurture their brands
7 things to tell your patrons before a bond
Building the trust you need for your school district to succeed
Tax elections that win
You have a brand problem

Patron Insight Newsletters

A key target that’s usually overlooked: Parents of alumni (November 2017)
Your school, your community and your brand (October 2017)
The benefits of getting an early jump on ballot issue research
(September 2017)
Life’s too short to waste time trying to convert your “committed negative” patrons
(August 2017)
Keeping communications momentum into the new school year
(July 2017)
Candid discussions yield long-term results (June 2017)
A useable strategic plan that’s stress free to create? What a concept. (May 2017)
Tough night at the ballot box…now what?  (April 2017)
School Climate Research should be much more than taking the temperature
 (March 2017)
Without regular research, you don’t really know what everyone is thinking
(February 2017)
Real community engagement isn’t a “program.” It’s a lifestyle.
(January 2017)
Communications checklist for back to school
(August 2015)
Regular stakeholder research offers meaningful and “trackable” data (May 2015)
“Teaching to the test” and other communications challenges in a hashtag world (March 2015)
The downside of humble frugality for school districts (February 2015)
Make more of an impact with your stakeholder communication (January 2015)


Reimagining Libraries
Selling Trust Targets
NSPRA Action Lab Presentation

60-second Seminar

10-80-10 Rule
Back to School Night
Keeping research simple