Project Lighthouse

A mentorship and training initiative for mid-career school leaders

If you’ve ever heard the expression “It’s lonely at the top,” you probably wondered if the person who coined chat expression had you and your fellow school district leaders in mind.

Long hours. Difficult decisions. Few peers you can lean on for advice. And, even fewer hours for your own career development.

The solution is here: Project Lighthouse, a mentoring and skill-building program for mid-career superintendents and assistant superintendents who want to maximize their current position, while they prepare for their next career stop.

Four to six times a year, Project Lighthouse will host half-day training and mentorship programs at a convenient location decided by the group on topics of interest to you. HR, budgeting, effective negotiations, maximizing your public relations opportunities; you name it. Literally.

This isn’t some dry PowerPoint presentation with a speaker who drones on; it’s real training with plenty of opportunities to interact, learn and share ideas.

You give so much to your staff, students, families, and community. It’s time you did something for yourself, and your career.

This program begins in August of each year and the last session takes place in May or June. Currently the program is only hosted in the Kansas City area.