Pre-election Planning Survey

If your district or organization is considering an election and DON’T WANT TO LOSE, we can help.

We have assisted clients in raising more than $7.1 billion in new taxes by using our pre-election planning survey.
Our methodology is a statistically reliable, random-dial telephone survey. It is the same methodology used by Gallup, Pew and other organizations who routinely survey the public.

This survey provides:
• A better understanding of how your district or organization is perceived by the voting public
• Information on the specific ideas voters favor and the ones they don’t
• How much money voters are willing to invest

We have provided the following types of data and insight to clients that helped in their planning and then a win at the ballot box:

  • If the election took place today, 57.2% of patrons would vote, “Yes.” (Jasper, Mo.)
  • If a Performing Arts Center is included, more people would vote, “No” than “Yes.” Take it out of the proposal and you will win. (Rolla, Mo.)
  • The key message is to “reinvest in the structures you’ve already paid for”—even senior citizens will vote, “Yes.” (Lindbergh, Mo.)
  • The last election only lost because people didn’t know about it. Take your time and be more active in getting the word out. One year later—with the same proposal—they won. (Bentonville, Ark.)
  • The tax tolerance for any plan is under $100 per year. (Andover, Kan.)
  • Winning this election would be extremely difficult. (Ava, Mo.)
  • Focus on the park and trails amenities. (Salina, Kan.)

Fees include a planning meeting, a presentation meeting and all costs associated with telephone survey. Companion online surveys and key opinion leader interviews are available at an extra cost.