Post-loss Evaluation

Data and insight to guide your next steps

When election night doesn’t go the way you were expecting, it’s time to take action to find out why and to determine how best to move forward, so your next proposal better connects with voters.

Post-loss research by Patron Insight is part postmortem, part brand analysis, and part a review of possible next steps.

Conducted via a statistically reliable telephone survey of voters, supplemented by online research with key audiences (so all stakeholders who wish to speak up have the chance to do so), post-loss research closes the door on the election that lost and is the first step toward the future.

District leadership plays an active role throughout the process, helping to pinpoint the information that will be most valuable and promoting participation in the survey through its traditional communication channels, and actively through social media. The goal is extreme levels of participation by stakeholders.

The time frame is four to six weeks and includes an in-person presentation of results and insight about the next steps to the Board of Education.

Don’t guess. Use a scientific process to determine what went wrong and how best to more forward.