Patrons’ savings ideas show the need for more information

Recently, we wrote that we were seeing an increase in patrons suggesting “fundraisers” as a way for their school district to solve its budget challenges, as if cookie dough and wrapping paper sales were the path to financial stability.

The other side of that story consists of patrons’ ideas for cost savings. We’ve seen more than a few patrons suggesting such fixes as eliminating lamination, copying on both sides of the paper, dropping (or raising, depending on the season) the thermostat by 1 degree in buildings district-wide, and instructing staff to turn off lights in rooms they are not in.

All of these ideas – while well-intentioned and, in most cases, worth considering on general principles – make it clear that these patrons have a limited idea of the significance of the budget challenges. Over time, ideas such as these will make a notable difference. But, the school district doesn’t have the luxury of such time.

It seems clear that if your patrons continue to produce ideas that will save pennies, it means that you need to keep drawing their attention back to the enormity of the challenge, the difficult steps that have already been taken, and the ones which may need to be considered in the future.