Ongoing Input from Stakeholders

Build an evolving group of influential citizens who provide feedback

Can we finally say it: The Town Hall concept no longer fits with the demands of the world in which we live?

If that’s the case, what’s a school district that wants to solicit regular feedback from typical residents to do instead? Make it as easy as possible for those who are giving that feedback to share their thoughts – without even leaving their homes.

 You can do just that, and create a perpetually repopulating group by engaging with Patron Insight to establish your school district’s Virtual Community Roundtable™.

The concept is delightfully simple.

The district puts out an all-call to every email address it owns, asking for people willing to participate in a quarterly online survey that will take less than 10 minutes to complete each time. The topics of the survey could include both current events – such as boundary changes being considered – and long-standing issues that need measurement regularly.

Patron Insight then works with you to create and distribute that survey. Once the participants have responded, we prepare a full report of findings.

The district continues to recruit, 365 days a year, because we know that interest will be high at the outset, but will likely fade over time. Always recruiting means always replenishing the participant list.

While there may be some need to host a Town Hall (and Patron Insight can help make it as productive as possible) the Virtual Community Roundtable is a great way to develop legions of individuals with a vested interest in your school district by asking them to do what they do every day – read emails.