Local leadership trumps state government. Again.

It’s all been very frustrating, hasn’t it?

Elected officials have thrown up their hands and said to school districts, “There’s nothing more we can do…you’ll just have to cut more,” thereby tearing down the educational accomplishments of generations in just one legislative session.

(Although, to be fair, Gov. Parkinson in Kansas did propose a short-term sales tax to help, which was quickly dismissed, and he has at least proposed throwing up a stop sign on more cuts. But the severe damage has already been done.)

So, it appears that the courage on this issue will, once again, have to come from the local level, where patrons consider their schools to be the foundations of their great communities.

If you’re not sure if your patrons would support a tax increase, let’s ask them. With the heightened awareness of everything school districts have been doing to cut (with those cuts now hurting the classroom product) I suspect you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the answer.