Hidden branding opportunity: Parent/Teacher conferences

Perhaps no venue offers a school district a more attentive audience than a parent/teacher conference.

Those who know their student is doing well show up to hear the accolades from staff members, while those with a struggling child are hoping to pick up information that will unlock a better school experience for their youngster.

Of course, time is short during conferences and the focus is on sharing information about each individual student and answering the questions of parents. Nothing should interrupt the free flow of that dialogue.

However, it’s important not to miss out on the opportunity to further your district’s brand with this captive audience through subtle messaging carried out in material that is distributed.

For example, if you provide information at conferences about web-related study resources that might be helpful to struggling students, pass out that information on a sheet of paper titled, “X SCHOOL DISTRICT has researched the options and recommends the following websites as study resources.” Or, you might go to the other end of the spectrum and present a sheet highlighting outside study opportunities for gifted students.

The branding comes when you highlight (briefly, of course) the district’s efforts in identifying and recommending these resources. It’s probably a subtle shift from what you may be doing right now – handing out a sheet with quality websites listed. But, in that shift is the brand-building opportunity.

What else could you do to further your brand when attentive parents come for a visit this Spring?