Find out what stakeholders are really hearing about your district

Even the most seasoned communications professional knows that once a message leaves the sender, how it is interpreted is up those in the targeted audience. School district communicators have it doubly hard, because messages are coming from the district, and from individual schools and teachers. 

Finding out where messages sent out (in print, electronically or via social media) align with what is being heard – and where they don’t – can help a school district better pinpoint how to adjust its communications to make more consistent, positive connections with stakeholders that are important to its success.

Patron Insight’s approach to such a project is a comprehensive, diagnostic process called a Communications Audit.

We begin with a review of a representative sample of outbound communications for the previous 18 months to two years, looking for themes in what the district and its schools are saying.

We interview the Board, the superintendent and all members of the Cabinet to find out what messages they believe are most important. Then, using a variety of methods, we ask stakeholders what they hear most often.

Our report details key findings and makes recommendations to close any “gaps” among what is being said, what the district would like to say, and what is being heard. Check out a report sample on our website.