Elvis should have been a school superintendent

“Thank you. Thank you very much.”

That is the staple quote for every Elvis impersonator on the planet – a tribute to the King’s well-documented habit of thanking his audience for applause. It’s a lesson we all could learn from the man from Memphis.

When’s the last time someone from your school district said “thank you” to a patron? An average patron ponies up thousands and thousands of dollars over a lifetime supporting his or her local school district. Yet I doubt most have ever heard the words “thank you” from a district staff member, teacher or student for this investment.

What an opportunity! What if every school district employee made it his or her personal goal to say “thank you” to a random district patron today? It would give immediate substance to the idea that “education is a partnership,” would offer meaningful, long-term brand-building benefits for the district, and create the kind of environment that increases the likelihood of success for ballot measures – no matter what the economic climate.

Try it, and let us know what happens. Hey, it worked for Elvis.