Successfully Building Your Community Brand

A seminar that joins together all the right people to talk about your community’s perception.

Your community has a brand.

The people who live and work in your community have a specific impression of it. People in neighboring communities or people who often pass through your community also have an impression of your community. And, people and businesses looking to relocate might have yet another impression of your community.

All those impressions might be quite different from your personal impression. And quite different from the impression you wish to be making. The only way to uncover these perceptions is through brand research.

And, here’s the part that is very hard to deal with—the impression people have of your community might have its roots in what your community was like decades ago. Once people form an impression of a community, it’s very hard to change their opinion. It requires a diligence and commitment to long-term communications many communities aren’t willing to make.

But, there are countless rewards for strengthening your community’s brand. Here’s a PowerPoint presentation of a five-year effort we completed with Kearney, Mo., which is now one of the fastest growing communities in Missouri.

Are you interested in branding your community?
Call us to schedule our seminar called “Successfully Branding Your Community.” We will come to your community for a working lunch and walk you through the right steps. All you need to do is provide the key players who might wish to take part in the program. These individuals could include mayor, city manager, city department heads, chamber of commerce, convention and visitors bureau, school district, economic development council, key opinion leaders. Oh, and lunch. We do get hungry! Cost for the seminar is $350.

What you will learn:

  • What is a brand?
  • How do you use research to understand your brand?
  • What are benefits of branding your community?
  • How do you build your community brand?

Ready to talk community branding? Contact Rick Nobles at [email protected] or call him at (913) 484-0920.

Successfully building your community brand is a joint program provided by Patron Insight, Inc. and its subsidiary company RNA Communications