Communications Audit

Your district or organization is talking. What are your patrons hearing? Is anything resonating? Making a difference?

A Communications Audit is a comprehensive, professional evaluation that pinpoints the messages that are getting through and making a difference, and the ones that are falling short. Here is how we stage the project:

Stage 1: A review of recent outbound communications of all shapes, sizes and levels of complexity begins, seeking to understand the themes and ideas being disseminated.

Stage 2: In-depth, one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders, Board members and district/organization leaders take place to determine what brand they believe the district/organization is advancing through its communications processes.

Stage 3: Focus groups with staff and community members, and a patron online survey, are fielded to learn what messages are actually being received.

The result: A thorough analysis of the gaps among what the district disseminates, what it believes it is saying about itself, and what key stakeholders hear and believe, accompanied by specific recommendations on how to close those gaps. The process takes about two to three months.

It’s the ultimate deep dive that will help your organization maximize the effectiveness of your communications efforts with those who matter most to your organization or district’s success.