Climate and culture surveys

What are your internal stakeholders really thinking?

Studies have affirmed a nurturing, supportive climate in school buildings helps to attract (and retain) quality teachers and staff, enhances student performance, and insures greater parental satisfaction and support. If staff members are happy, fulfilled and encouraged, everything operates more effectively.

Finding out what things are really like in each of your buildings can help you pinpoint areas of strength, as well as identify challenges that need attention. But how can you secure reliable, unbiased data to see which buildings have a healthy culture, and which need help?

Using a simple series of custom-tailored statements, our Climate Study provides district-wide and building-by-building data on such issues as:

  • Comfort level in discussing concerns among fellow staff members and with leadership
  • Understanding if there is a true sense of teamwork
  • Whether or not staff members feel supported and valued
  • Perception of consistency on student discipline and other safety issues
  • Level of job satisfaction and contributing factors to that satisfaction
  • Views on professional development – availability, quality and district commitment to it
  • Likelihood of advocating for the school and the district with others

Climate studies for students – as young as third grade – parents and the community are also available.

Is it time to dig deep into each building’s climate in your district?