Check-in survey finds good news

In our June 5th blog post (scroll below), we discussed a survey being conducted by the Rolla (Mo.) Public Schools. This is part two of that article.

Rolla wanted to “check in” with community members and get a read on their level of satisfaction with the district’s performance and its delivery of the promised projects on the last bond issue.

A random sample of 375 area heads of households was contacted via telephone, producing statistically reliable data that has an industry standard 5 percent Margin of Error. To make certain those who wished to comment were not left out, a companion online survey was made available through the district’s website and promoted actively. A total of 249 individuals completed this survey, meaning more than 600 people expressed their opinion between the phone and online surveys.

The news was very positive: The community continues to think very highly of the people, programs and facilities, and it feels a real sense of belonging, as you read the evaluations of the district/patron relationship factors.

In terms of the bond issue, there were plenty of good marks for the district on keeping its promises made during the campaign, keeping the community informed along the way and delivering high-quality facilities.

The only slight blemish? They want more communication – a common call among school district patrons, and further proof of a saying of Patron Insight, “If you think you have told the community about something often enough, the answer is always ‘No.’”