Campaign Assistance

From advice only, up to campaign leadership, the choice is yours

When the decisions are made, the ballot language is written and the campaign committee is getting organized, sometimes it helps to have an outside perspective on how to make the most of your time and resources seeking to get the word out and have a happy Election Night.

Patron Insight’s Campaign Assistance offers a flexible approach to involvement with your campaigns – both the informational (“Here is the proposal and what it will mean…please vote”) and the promotional (All of the above, but “please vote ‘yes’!” instead).

We often are called on to look over the shoulder of committee and district leaders as the campaigns are getting organized, redirecting efforts where necessary and helping volunteers steer clear of landmines. Much of the time, our Campaign Assistance also includes writing a theme and key messages and then showing how these critical communications tools can be used in a variety of ways.

Candidly, we’ve written just about everything needed for a campaign…even an airplane banner tow. Yes. For real.

If you feel your efforts need more than just well-timed advice and writing, we can discuss active involvement – all the way up to regular attendance by Patron Insight team members at your committee meetings, assigning tasks and keeping people on deadline.

In other words, as is the case with all Patron Insight services, Campaign Assistance can and will be adjusted to fit your needs. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.