Brand evaluation

Understanding what stakeholders are really thinking about your school district

A brand isn’t Tony the Tiger or the Michelin Man. Nor it is “Just do it” or “Ram tough.” It isn’t even a name or a color scheme.

Instead, a brand is what comes to the mind of a key stakeholder when a product, a service, a person or a school district is thought of.

Say the name of your school district. What comes to mind first? Is it successful students? Award-winning teachers? Championship sports teams? High taxes? Buildings that are “Taj Mahals?”

Helping understand where you fit in the minds of taxpayers – who don’t get all that enthusiastic about edu-speak terms like Professional Learning Communities – can help you strategize ways to nudge them closer to what you wish they were thinking.

Remembering that probably only about one-third of your residents have a student currently in your district (but everyone pays the tax bill to support schools) makes a Brand Evaluation process all the more critical.

Any kind of meaningful link between the district and those with no reason to be actively engaged can make the difference between winning and losing your next referendum. But you can’t go swinging wildly in the dark, hoping your messages will connect with the disinterested. That’s why a third-party review of your current brand can be the honest direction you need.

Patron Insight will evaluate your brand through a combination of quantitative research of stakeholders and one-on-one interviews with Key Opinion Leaders. The result is an actionable roadmap that can get you from here to your preferred destination more expeditiously.