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Why Franchising?

We’ve chosen the franchise model for expansion because we want partners – not employees.

We think you will enjoy the financial rewards of owning your own business, setting your own hours, defining who you want to work with, while building equity that you can cash out in the future.

Our number one goal in choosing partners is to be perfectly sure that they will be successful.

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Franchising FAQ

How much does a Patron Insight franchise cost?
$4,500 gets you our complete “business-in-a-box” package.
Why does the program involve the purchase of a franchise, rather than just hiring independent contractors?
First and foremost, we want partners—not employees. Second, a franchise is a business that becomes an asset to the franchisee—an asset which can be sold at some point in the future. Finally, the franchise approach provides Patron Insight the resources that will be necessary to provide you training, support you through marketing and strategically selected memberships in key organizations, and ongoing consultation..
How selective are you in choosing franchisees?
We are extremely selective. Patron Insight is known for providing industry-leading research and strategic planning solutions to the K-12 marketplace, offered by professionals with a passion for client service and problem-solving. We will only invite those who have these same characteristics and commitment to join the Patron Insight franchise group.
What kind of training is provided?
Each franchisee receives complete training in the products and services offered by Patron Insight, so that he or she will be comfortable presenting information to school district leaders in their territory. Training includes a complete series of interactive video sessions that franchisees can complete as their schedule permits, along with a comprehensive training manual.
What is the role of a franchisee, versus the role of the corporate office, in the typical client relationship?
Franchisees provide on-site consultation services and the ongoing contact with clients, while the Patron Insight corporate office creates the research tools, facilitates data collection and other technical aspects of the actual products. In other words, franchisees build and nurture the relationships with school districts, while the Patron Insight corporate office executes the actual product preparation and completion.
How much corporate support is available?
You will have as much consultation as you need to assist you in understanding the products and services, strategizing which ones would be best for certain situations, preparing for meetings, and solving problems. Because this work is typically very planned, there is rarely an urgent need from a client. However, should that occur, a Patron Insight senior executive is almost always available.
What if I only want to work part-time?
You are free to establish a work schedule that fits your goals for your income, your family time, and your other interests and commitments.
Can I hire people to help me?
While Patron Insight would expect you, as the franchisee, to be the “face of the business,” you are free to engage others to assist you as you see fit, and as your income allows. Typically, however, we expect that most franchisees will be most successful operating this business without staff members, because the actual product creation and delivery, billing of clients and payment of fees is handled by the Patron Insight corporate office.
What kind of office equipment will I need?
Because you will meet with clients in their offices – not yours – your facility needs are extremely minimal. We expect you to have a desk, chair, a filing cabinet, a PC computer, a printer (preferably laser), and a cell phone.
What office supplies will you provide?
Franchisees will receive letterhead, envelopes and business cards, showing their contact information plus the corporate office contact information. You will also be provided an electronic version of the letterhead, allowing you to send documents on letterhead via e-mail. All other expenses are the responsibility of the franchisee.
What kind of marketing support do you provide?
We will have a complete, customized marketing plan for every Patron Insight franchise, including a referral development program, web presence, robust e-mail marketing program, social media, speaker’s bureau, etc.
Do I need to incorporate my business?
You should consult your tax advisor to see what is best for your particular situation. While Patron Insight is a sub-chapter S corporation, we anticipate the most franchisees will prefer to set up their businesses either as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), or a Sole Proprietorship.
Where are franchises available?
We are currently targeting Charter Franchises in a few key states. Check with Rick Nobles at to see if a franchise is available in your area.